Wednesday, May 6, 2009

my beautiful daughter

As I sit here writing this about my little sweety, SHE is cuddling up next to me asking so many questions. I love my little girl, and she is getting so much older recently. Alot more well behaved, asks lots of questions, and trust me she picks up on everything. She is a smart little one, and like a sponge. We had a chance to go to the BROWN REUNION 2009 last week, and it was so fun. She didnt know for sure what cousins were going to be there ,but by her suprise her cousin ELIZA showed up. SOOO FUN. She loves her california cousins, and is getting to know RUBY & PIPEr alot better now that they are getting older. She said it was fun to see everyone, and especially cuz she got to sleep in GRAMMY & GRANDPAS camper. Anyways, just wanted to post about this, and tell everyone that we had lots of fun. MY LITTLE SWEETY is my sweety of all sweeties.... haha


  1. It was fun seeing you AInsley!!! I cant\'t wait to read your blog!